Wine Systems

//Wine Systems

Quality in the winery equals quality in the keg. Since its first introduction into the market, the keg immediately became a practical and winning concept.

Benefits of kegged wine:

• lower costs
• space optimization
• simplified logistics
• products protected from light and oxidation
• respect for the environment
• continuous quality of product over time
• product waste reduction
• faster service
• product always at the right temperature

Like nitro coffee wine kegs are generally one way systems with an internal bladder protecting the beverage from light and oxygen. Once again you can utilise one of our bespoke units with a built in compressor to pressurise the keg and have the perfect cold wine within minutes of turning on the system, it couldn’t be simpler.

On tap systems have been driven to introduce innovative high quality products into the Australian market. We have now decided to add high quality kegged imported beer and wine to our portfolio. As the Queensland agent for A&E Beer imports we can now negotiate packages for some of the best International brands to compliment our excellent range of coolers.