Cold Coffee & Tea Systems

//Cold Coffee & Tea Systems

The prevalence of nitrogen-infused coffee may not be just another offering of cold brew coffee, but rather the next evolution of the entire packaged cold brew market. The injection of nitrogen calms the acidity and bitterness associated with the toddy-style cold brew coffee and allows for a fresher and more even taste across the palate.

Most nitro coffees and teas are supplied in keykegs. As the product is sealed within a bladder you can use compressed air to pressurise the keg, doing away with the added expense of gas bottles and reducers. We supply the compressor or you can purchase one of our units with an inbuilt compressor and just plug-in and pour.

  • The Kontakt 55/K Profi is a professional cooling system that stands out from our over counter range with its built in 2 x tap raised font and fully adjustable inbuilt air compressor 1-3 bar. Due to its versatility the Kontakt 55 is ideal for commercial applications and has become popular within the cold coffee and tea market.
  • Over counter systems are standalone units that come complete with tap and drip tray. You only have to attach the keg via a beverage line and you’re ready to dispense the perfect beverage within minutes! We supply dry contact coolers, the Pygmy, Kontakt and Soudek and wet ice bank coolers, the AS 45 and 110. The Pygmy 25 is the smallest cooler within the Lindr range ideal for dispensing Beer, Cider, Cold Coffee and teas.
  • The Pygmy 25/K has a built-in air compressor set at 2.6 bar. This enables the unit to pressurise the keg when the unit is switched on, thus avoiding the need for gas bottles and gas connectors. Designed for the professional cooling at domestic events, small bars and bistros.
  • The Pygmy 25/K Exclusive cooler with inbuilt air compressor is designed for professional cooling and dispensing of excellent chilled beverages. It has been very popular in the cold coffee and tea sector as it’s ideal for small coffee bars/café where space is at a premium and elegance and style is a necessity.
  • The CWP 100 under counter water cooler stands out from conventional water coolers because of its innovative “Tower” arrangement, high performance, light weight and small dimensions /footprint. It has 3 beverage coils so you can run 1-3 taps on the font you decide to pair with it.