Above Counter Systems

//Above Counter Systems

Above counter systems are standalone units that come complete with tap and drip tray. You only have to attach the keg via a beverage line and you’re ready to dispense the perfect beverage within minutes!

We supply dry contact coolers, the Pygmy, Kontakt and Soudek units and wet ice bank coolers, the AS 45 and AS-110. Because of their small footprint and built in carry handles they are ideal for any venue that has restricted work/ benchtops space or mobile/temporary venues. If you have a power source you’ll have the perfect beverage within 5-10 minutes after switching on the unit.

All units with the K designation have a built in mini compressor. This enables the unit to not only cool the beverage but to also pressurise the keg without the use of CO2 bottles and connectors. These systems are ideal when used in conjunction with KeyKegs or other kegs with internal bladders.