On Tap Systems are proud to be the QLD agent for A & E BEER IMPORTS.

They import top quality beers and wines from Asia and Europe with the aim to service the vibrant Bistro, restaurant and small bar sectors with premium products and service levels.

We can supply the VINICOLA SERENA range of kegged wines. These top quality wines are supplied in 20 LITRE PET “one-way” kegs, making them ideal partners to our range of above counter K range of coolers.

This means you only need the cooler and the keg. The inbuilt compressor pressurises the PET one-way keg, so no need for gas bottles and reducers, and then chills the wine down to the perfect temperature in 4-8 minutes. Easy, stress free service of perfect wine.

Because the wine is stored within a sealed membrane it doesn’t make contact with the pressurising agent, eliminating oxygenation of the wine.

Call us to discuss pricing packages for the wine and coolers.

About the region – Veneto, Italy

Veneto is a small but highly important region tucked into the north-eastern corner of Italy. Its unique location is the meeting point of the cooler mountainous north of the Italian Alps, and the warmer, drier lands to the south. The cooling breezes from the Adriatic and from Lake Garda help to protect the vines from the intensity of the summer heat, while the mountains create a vital barrier to the freezing Alpine winter winds. This cooler climate helps the region to produce quality wines with great consistency.

Prosecco “Più-Fizz®” (Bubbles)

The dry fruity fragrance and fine persistent bubbles in this lively sparkling wine is the result of the handcrafted techniques used in the wine making process. Straw yellow with greenish tinges in colour, enjoy as an aperitif or alongside any contemporary cuisine. ABV: 10.5% Region: Veneto (hills north of Treviso, Italy)

Sauvignon delle Venezie (White Wine)

Bright yellow with greenish tinges in colour, this beautiful Serena white wine displays pleasant aromas of delicate fruits in addition to classic notes of gooseberries. A succulent Sauvignon wine which is both full-bodied and wonderfully balanced on the palate. A perfect wine for the Australian climate. ABV: 12% Region: Veneto (hills north of Treviso, Italy)

Pinot Grigio Veneto (White Wine)

Ripe fresh fruit flavours are beautifully presented in this excellent amber yellow Pinot Grigio. Fresh and well balanced, it has a wonderful dry and elegant finish that will leave you wanting more. A perfectly harmonious white wine for all occasions. ABV: 11.5% Region: Veneto (hills north of Treviso, Italy)

Merlot Veneto (Red Wine)

Serena Merlot is velvety and harmonious red wine. It has an intense aroma which compliments its dry taste and well-structured lingering finish. Ruby red in colour, a perfect accompaniment to any meal or to be enjoyed on its own. ABV: 11.5% Region: Veneto (hills north of Treviso, Italy)